About us

IMASS Sander Manufacturing (Suzhou) Ltd,a joint venture founded in 2002 by two companies, IMEAS Spa in Italy and Xinxieli Group in China, specialized in manufacturing sanding equipment for wood-based panels. Meanwhile Imass Suzhou was authorized by IMEAS SPA to use the English brand “IMEAS”, Imass Suzhou registered and owned the Chinese brand “意玛斯”.

Available more than ten years, with the high-quality products and outstanding services, IMASS Suzhou had won more and more trust of users both in China and abroad. IMASS Suzhou has supplied with more than 600 sanders all over the world, and made a great contribution to the wood-based panel industry.

In May 2012, IMEAS SPA transferred its full shares in Imeas Suzhou to Xinxieli(HK) Limited. According to the agreement between Imeas SPA and Xinxili group, Imass Suzhou will continue to research and development, manufacture and sale sanding machines, and during the transitional period Imass Suzhou was allowed to use the English brand “IMEAS”.

      In 2013, we received the trade mark license from national Trademark Bureau, Imass Suzhou start to use the new English brand “IMASS”.

Now all the sanders manufactured by Imeas Suzhou uses the Chinese brand “意玛斯” or English brand “IMASS”.

We promise that:

We just change the English brand not the quality, we will supply the sanders as usual we do, with the same quality standards, technology as well as the all-round pre-sales and after-sales services.

Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality sanding machines and to supply the best service.